Storage:  You can store your grain with us for minimal fees.  We charge $0.04/month and will dry your corn for you (see drying charges and discount schedules).


Forward Contract:  Allows a producer to pick a price for their grain for delivery in a future month (i.e.: Price corn in July or August for delivery at harvest).  (5000 minimum bushels, increments of 5000)

Cash (Spot):  The producer will receive the spot price at the time of delivery.  The producer can choose to receive payment for their grain immediately or they may defer the payment until a later date.

Basis:  Priced in two steps; the initial contract specifies the bushel amount, the delivery period and the "basis" as it relates to a particular futures option month.  This contract allows the seller to partially lock in a future delivery price.  The part of the price which is fixed is the basis.  The futures price is to be set at a future date. (5000 minimum bushels, increments of 5000)

Badger Grain Supply is in the business of drying, storing and purchasing of grain. 

Contract options:

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